Yong is a landscape architect with 15 years professional experience. During this time, Yong has worked throughout Asia, primarily focusing on projects in his home city of Shanghai, before joining Moir Landscape Architecture in 2016.

Since joining our team, Yong has established himself as a crucial asset to the company. Through his strong leadership skills, and ability to deliver comprehensive design packages in short time frames, he has gained a reputation as someone who is focused and committed to every project he works on. Yong is highly motivated, confident and passionate about his work, with a strong interest in collaboration and conceptual design. His skill in 3D software’s takes his exploration of construction techniques to new levels and is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Most recently, Yong has led a team to deliver the first 4 stages of the Bridges Hill Playground, a premiere and flagship park for the Cessnock City Council. Yong utilised his in-depth technical knowledge to navigate an intricate site, comprised of steep and complex level changes whilst ensuring the project is fully accessible to all members of the community. The project was underpinned by the desire to support the local economy through sourcing locally manufactured products and engaging local skilled craftspeople to complete construction of the park.

Yong is currently undertaking a degree in Architecture at the University of Newcastle.