Ashley is a well-respected industry professional with over 15 years of experience on landscape projects from large-scale public domain, urban design and master planning projects to Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments for state-significant infrastructure projects. Ashley is a member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

Ashley is a skilled and resourceful leader with an innate ability to quickly analyse and distil complex and conflicting requirements and provide clear and robust solutions, delivering outstanding results for her clients. Ashley has developed an extensive and trusted network of industry partners over the past decade and effortlessly manages a large portfolio of Visual Impact projects in a fast-paced, and constantly evolving environment.

Ashley’s experience in the preparation of Visual Impact Assessments, primarily for large-scale infrastructure and renewable energy projects has led to her providing independent expert witness on several projects and has also given her the opportunity to work with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, contributing to the peer review of their draft wind and solar farm guidelines.