Emma is a Graduate of The University of Newcastle, completing her Master of Architecture in 2018. Emma completed her final architectural studies exploring the topic of housing density, and its relationship to the use of public space.

Emma applies her knowledge of architectural design principles to her work in the fields of master planning and public domain design. Since joining the team, she has matured her skill set as a landscape architect, whilst spreading her passion for built form architecture throughout the office.

Emma has played a pivotal role in the development of a number of signage and way finding strategies which have been successfully implemented by a number of councils.

Emma brings a nuanced approach to the sustainable design of public spaces that incorporates cutting edge technologies with seamless integration. Through her technical knowledge of innovative software systems, Emma’s creativity can be realised as tangible outputs achieving real world solutions.

Emma has been involved in several volunteer efforts to improve living conditions, including a Nepal sanitation program with Healthabitat and Alice Springs Town Camps’ safety strategies with Tangentyere Design.